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Grundy G Type Beer Keg Coupler

Popular beer industry keg connector, used for many products such as Carling, Coors, Becs Vier, Punk IPA and more.



The Grundy Beer Keg Connector is made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and features a 316 stainless steel probe. This beer keg coupler is designed to be used with the CO2 or mixed gas line. It also includes an O-ring and nut for easy installation on the valve stem. When you need to attach a beer keg, pull up and squeeze the grundy handle, place over the keg sphere, twist and push down on the beer keg connector. Ensure your gas valve is switched on to drive the beer from the keg.



Please remember to add the brass fittings, for the product line outlet and the gas non-return inlet. Unless you already have these fittings, and you only want the coupler itself, please ensure you select the option with fittings included.


Grundy Keg Coupler

PriceFrom £28.52
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