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Bottoms Up Beer Dispense

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Hands Free

Multitask while the beers pour themselves! Improve speed of service while providing WOW factor helps to increase revenue.


Get more out of each keg with automatic pours. Eliminating user error equals more beer in the glass and not down the drain.

Fast ROI

Best in the industry by FAR! On average, it takes our customers less than a year to pay it off.



Do more with less staff. Bottoms Up can double the output of your bartenders.


Make the change with confidence. We offer a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee on commercial equipment.

Fast Pour, High Yield Dispense!

Long queues and demand at the bar? Then we have the solution for you!

Bottoms Up is proven to decimate those queues at the bar! not only does it fill a pint 3.5x time faster than traditional dispense, it fills itself without bar staff needing to stand and pour!

Place the glass over the unit, push down, whilst you are taking payment, the pint is filled and on go! 

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Get In Touch Now!

Contact us at to get Bottoms Up at your Bar or Event!

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