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Introducing the Gamko Kegerator Unit, a top-of-the-line beer keg cooler designed for fast and efficient cooling of 1 keg. Refrigeration unit and Door are right sided.


This energy-efficient cooler is perfect for keeping your beer cold and ready to pour, any time. With quick delivery and excellent aftercare, you can trust that your cooler will be handled with care and operating in no time . As a prestigious, premium brand, Gamko is known for delivering high-quality, reliable products that are built to last. Upgrade your beverage service with the Gamko Kegerator Unit and enjoy perfectly chilled beer with ease.


Three Nations Dispense is an approved supplier of Gamko prodicts.

Gamko Kegerator Unit: Efficient Cooling for 1 Keg (R)

  • Height (mm) - 860

    Width (mm) - 880

    Depth (mm) - 567

    Gross weight (kg) - 83

    Net weight (kg) - 67

    Capacity - 4 x 20L Keg
                          1 x 50L Keg

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