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This craft beer kegerator chiller is the perfect solution for storing and cooling up to 6 x 20L kegs at a time, or 1 x 50L keg, making it an ideal choice for commercial use. Right  Sided Door & Fridge Unit


It is designed to keep your beer at the perfect serving temperature, ensuring that your customers can enjoy a refreshing, perfectly chilled beer every time. The premium beer keg cooler features a durable construction and reliable temperature control, making it a reliable and long-lasting investment for your business.


Whether you run a bar, restaurant, or catering business, this kegerator chiller will help you keep your beer supply cool and ready for serving. With its spacious design and efficient cooling capabilities, this kegerator chiller is the perfect addition to any beer-related business.

Craft Beer Kegerator Chiller For 6 x 20L Kegs (R)

  • Refrigerant - R600A
    Temperature - Refrigerator 0/+7°C
    Electrical supply - 220-240V/50/1
    Current (A) - 1.5
    Power (W) - 235
    Refrigerant mass (g) - 95

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