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Draught Beer At Home

If you're reading this, I hope you love the idea of drinking, fresh, chilled, draught beer from the comfort of your own home - because that's exactly what we're going to talk about.

Throughout the global pandemic, our lives got shut down, socially and economically. We just didn't realise how important some things are, we took them for granted. For some of us, the bar and restaurant industry is our means of making a living and our way of socialising. It got taken away from us and we missed that ingrained British culture.

Everybody missed the ice-cold draught beer, straight from the tap and the UK went home bar-mental. With time on their hands and a passion for cold beer, Britain's residents began popping up their own handmade bars. We're not quite sure either but with some wizardry, many people were able to get hold of draught beer equipment and even kegs.

Now for most, a keg of beer (88 pints) is a lot to get through in the 10-day window breweries give you to drink it (as a quality specification). But if you can stop counting how many pints a day you'd need to drink to succeed, we can get on with this blog. As I was saying, 88 pints in 10 days firstly isn't particularly good for you (unless you had plenty of company) but also isn't quite financially viable.

Being as we're in the 21st century it didn't take long for people to come up with a better option. The market now has small, compact tabletop units that can pour miniature kegs of our favourite beers. Making this affordable and somewhat convenient. Now, you don't have to pay a lot of money for a commercial draught setup with cooling, gas, pipework and large kegs etc. We can just plug and play these tidy little draught units and away we go.

Most of these units are fine if you're having a few friends around and nothing crazy. If however, you're having a full-on party then the likelihood is, these machines won't keep up with the demand being poured through the tap and beer will begin to foam up, especially if you could not pre-chill the mini keg. Just keep in mind your audience if you're planning a party and you have one of these units - it might not be enough.

Most of these at-home beer dispensers are small, light, aesthetically pleasing and relatively easy to get hold of. If you're looking to purchase one, then please take a look at our options and keep in mind, the units come with co2 cartridges to dispense, but you will eventually need to order more of these to keep pouring mini-kegs in the future.

Hope you've enjoyed ready, take a look below at 2 of the available units.

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