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One neglected area of any beer dispense system is the sparklers, most people soak these in soda water overnight which does not have any cleaning effect. Replenishment tablets are for use with our new Sparkler Cleaning Kit, which effectively and safely cleans font nozzles, sparklers, creamers and fixed nozzles. Kit consisting of 75x1g chlorinated cleaning tablets.


roduct Description

The Sparkler Cleaning Kit is designed to be used for all types of font nozzles, sparklers, creamers and fixed nozzles. We recommend to use as part of your daily closing procedure.

The replenishment tablets pack contains:

75 x Low chlorine sanitising tablets.

To complete the cleaning process, please take a look at our Cellar hygiene Spray and range of line cleaners.

Sparkler & Nozzle Cleaning Tablets

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