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Introducing the CaskWidge Kit 9 - 11 gallon. This kit contains everything you will need to tap, vent and connect your beer lines to extract and serve from a cask. This kit is ideal for those wishing to dispense from one cask.


This set contains a single cask line connection Red 'L' Piece. 

Anyone wanting to convert their single line to a two tap cask line, will need a double beerline connector Red 'T' Piece and a grey pipe connection. 




Remove old fittings from the end of your cask line, before installing your Cask Widge Kit using the connections and hose clips for an air sealed system. Pipe connectors and the shut-off caps must have washers in at all times or leakage will ocurr. 


NOTE: Dependent on the level of usage, the O'Rings on the Red 'L' Piece, Red 'T' Piece and Tapping Cap may need replacing annually to maintain an airtight fit. Spare O'Rings can be purchased as additional from additional options below or on the Accessories page.



  • Tap
  • Red L piece connector
  • Clip
  • Peg
  • Tapping Cap
  • Float

Cask Widge Kit

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