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Saving Time & Saving Money On Your Beer Line Cleaning

It’s not the most fun part of running a bar or restaurant but cleaning your beer lines is a critical factor for wet sale success. For standard cellar setups, you should clean and flush through your beer lines every 7 days. According to the office of national statistics ( the average price of a pint in the UK is £4.23, (although many would argue it’s higher) and the average amount of beer thrown away per tap on a line is estimated at 4 pints. In terms of retail value, a pub with 10 taps, throws away 4 pints per line at £4.23 is £16.92 per line, and across 10 lines is £169.20 poured down the drain per week. Monthly, that’s a loss in retail value of £676.8

So, we’ve measured the physical loss of beer but there’s also a labour element of cost to cleaning your lines. Do you pay a member of staff to come in and clean them or do you spend your own precious time doing this chore yourself? If you’re cleaning your lines thoroughly and allowing the fluid to sit between flushes, then a 10-tap clean can easily take you from 1.5 – 2 hours.

Here’s the thing, it does not have to be this way and it does not have to cost extortionate amounts to reduce these losses. Beer line cleaning support is here, and it pays for itself. Using the best detergents and technology, Three Nations Dispense can extend your line clean to a minimum of a 4-week cycle. Rather than tipping that retail value down the drain, it goes in your till (or on your epos system 😊) What’s more is, you can have an extensively trained technician clean your lines as part of this amazing package!

It doesn’t just stop there though, these cleaning systems are not just effective in keeping beer lines clean for weeks on end, but they also improve your keg yield and reduce your keg gas usage. Your dispense system will be perfectly chilled all year round, avoiding excess foam throughout the summer burnouts and demand of output at peak times.

You can check out our basic cleaning packages at or you can also contact us at for more information about technology.

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