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Glycol Antifreeze Mono Propylene

Food area-safe glycol, designed to go in beer coolers to further reduce the temperature of the beer dispense. This glycol can also be used for multiple other uses such as car engines and other freeze-preventative systems.


Adding this glycol to your beer cooler could not be easier - unscrew the lid and pour into the glycol tank  until it reaches the max line. Turn on the cooler and once the glycol is drawn through the system, fill the rest of the tank with water. if your system has long glycol lines then pour in some additional glycol.


If you're filling the bath of your beer cooler with glycol in an extra cold system, you may need a minimum of 6 x 5l tubs of glycol to ensure no ice forms within the cooler.

Glycol Mono Propylene 5 Litre

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